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Learn more about Planmeca. In this section, you can find the latest news and press releases from the company.

Študija je ugotovila razlike v natančnosti intraoralnih skenerjev

SEOUL, Južna Koreja: Čeprav intraoralni skenerji obstajajo že več kot tri desetletja in se njihova uporaba v zobozdravstveni praksi povečuje, je le ...

Study finds differences in accuracy of intra-oral scanners

SEOUL, South Korea: Even though intra-oral scanners have been around for more than three decades and their use in dental practice is increasing, few ...

Interview: High-quality dental treatments with CAD/CAM technology

Janne Ruokola, Planmeca’s sales manager for CAD/CAM products, has been working with CAD/CAM technology for more than ten years. In his career, he has seen...

Planmeca Digital Dentistry World Tour 2020 goes virtual

HELSINKI, Finland: The popular Planmeca Digital Dentistry World Tour will bring Planmeca’s trailblazing digital dentistry solutions directly to dental ...

Showcasing what is currently possible in dentistry

COLOGNE, Germany: With more than 50 employees, Zahngesundheit Frechen is one of the largest dental clinics in the greater Cologne area and specialises in ...

Planmeca: Adapting to the new normal

SHANGHAI, China: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dental industry has been forced to adapt to the “new normal” and invent new platforms for ...

Dr Seppo Lindroos: "The sky's the limit in dental technology"

HELSINKI, Finland: Dr Seppo Lindroos is an experienced dentist and the founder of the MEDIDENT dental clinic, located in Helsinki. The clinic is fully ...

Introducing Planmeca Romexis 6.0—new version of world-leading software

HELSINKI, Finland: The Planmeca Romexis 6.0 software platform supports the most versatile range of imaging modalities, including 2D and 3D, and supports ...

Researchers develop model to automatically localise mandibular canals

ESPOO, Finland: To place an implant, dental professionals first have to localise the mandibular canal, which is typically done using CBCT imaging ...

Planmeca wins 2020 Red Dot Award for best product design

HELSINKI, Finland: The Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light with integrated 4K cameras has been awarded a Red Dot in this year’s Red Dot Award: Product...

The right dental unit—also for left-handed users

ZWOLLE, Netherlands: Renate Vries has been a dental hygienist for over 20 years. Currently, she works at Tandartspraktijk Linde, a small clinic located in ...

Digital face-bow transfer technique dentofacial analyser for dental aesthetics

Digital workflows are becoming more popular and are in demand among clinicians and laboratory technicians owing to the increased incorporation of CAD/CAM ...

Planmeca: “It’s the complete package”

CASABLANCA, Morocco: Interest in digital dental solutions is growing fast in Morocco. In this article, three experienced dentists and practice owners from ...

Planmeca—finding the human connection in Morocco

TANGIER, Morocco: Planmeca devices are a common sight in modern Moroccan dental offices. Since entering the country’s dental market, Planmeca has rapidly ...

Digital dentistry in Prague, city of a hundred spires

PRAGUE, Czech Republic: Put simply, Lukáš Kocman is a busy man. He currently owns and manages two dental clinics in Prague, and is planning to expand to ...