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prevention international No. 1, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Stress—Friend or enemy? / The psychology of patient compliance / The challenge of creating and maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits / The importance of preventive strategies and early diagnosis of peri-implant disease / “One cannot work without very good dental hygienist preparation” / Periodontal inflammation simpli / “Bruxism requires dentists to look beyond the mouth” / “bth4’s goal is to eliminate bruxism at its root” / Sports dentistry is not only about injuries / Athletes are very receptive to improving their oral health for better performance / Industry / Meetings / How to send us your work? /

prevention international No. 1, 2018
In this issue: Editorial / European Federation of Periodontology celebrates general assembly in Vienna / Interview with Prof. Søren Jepsen, Scientifi c Chair of EuroPerio9 / The holistic connection between oral and general health / Eklund Foundation—Supporting research in odontology / “Dental implants require more attention” / Gain a child, lose a tooth? / Pregnant women are hardly informed about the importance of oral health / Oral microbiota, intestinal microbiota and inflammatory bowel disease / We have an enormous infl uence on children’s overall health / The oral biofilm: What you should know / Gingival health benefits of enzymes and proteins in toothpaste / When to avoid implants / Oral hygiene instructions and patient motivation with and without dental hygienists / “We’re all about prevention” / Patient motivation techniques / My Guided Biofi lm Therapy journey / Knowing-doing gap in dentistry / Already cleaning or still polishing? / Patient satisfaction is key / “Prevention is not just for children and young people” / Ozone therapy in dentistry: notably effective in accelerating pre- and postoperative healing / Manufacturer News / When prophylaxis means everything and nothing / International Events / How to send us your work? /

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