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The Bone-Implant Void: Managing the Gap

Amidst various technologies and treatment options for replacement of one’s tooth, dental implants have become the standard of care in present day practice.

No longer are we enamoured by the body’s ability to accept an endosseous implant as its own, rather the landmark phenomenon of osseointegration allowing for rehabilitation of single or multiple teeth is now routine. That said, the time lines, protocols and indications of implant dentistry are constantly evolving. Once hotly debated, immediacy protocols are not only being accepted as a viable treatment option but a high level of care when attempting to achieve optimal esthetic outcomes. This same day approach must follow important tenants for success and one of the widely contemplated but commonly faced decision-making processes is how to manage the bone-implant void presented during such cases. Many have advocated an array of options/biomaterials. In this presentation we will examine the work flows and treatments for managing the so-called “gap” that lead to predictable hard and soft tissue maintenance in our effort to provide patient centered care. Learning objectives:
  • Understand immediate treatment options
  • Review workflow for immediate treatment options
  • Manage the “gap” for hard and soft tissue maintenance of bone-implant void

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